NodeJS – How to Generate GIF file from MP4

Check out this article to see how an expert MEAN stack developer from Soft Suave generated GIFs from MP4 videos in NodeJS.

how to make a gif from a video

Problem Statement:-

How to Generate GIF file from MP4.

If you use a smartphone, you surely must be aware of GIFs. If not, GIF is the acronym of Graphics Interchange Format. It was first invented by Steve Wilhite to animate images in the smallest format. GIF file format lies in between a video and image format. It is a series of animated images that will loop continuously and doesn’t require anyone to press play. Nowadays, GIFs are the best format for social media and advertisement because they help the audience engage in a short span.

Description of the Issue:-

My client owns a fitness web application that connects trainers and gym-goers. As the app is subscription-based, all the training videos and classes can be accessed only by premium users and closed for free users. The client wanted to convert all the free users into premium paid users. Thus, I was instructed to generate short GIFs from MP4 videos to give free users a brief on the training and exercises.
It is challenging to generate GIFs from MP4 videos uploaded into the web application. Consequently, I lacked ideas on how to complete this process seamlessly.

The Solution Offered:-

I did some intense research and found a solution to generate GIF from the MP4 videos. “fluent-ffmpeg” is the NPM I found online. This NPM generates multiple thumbnail images from the video and converts them into a GIF. I integrated this NPM into the web application and was able to avoid a lot of functional complexities 
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