Ionic – How to increase the width of the tick mark in the ion-checkbox

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Problem Statement:-

How to increase the width of the tick mark in the ion-checkbox

A checkbox is an input component that holds the Boolean value (Boolean data type is a data type with one of two possible values). These checkboxes are similar to HTML checkboxes.  Checkboxes allow the selection of multiple options, and they appear as checked when activated. 
The ionic checkbox is the same as a toggle. They are designed differently on each platform as like other Ionic components. You can set the default value by using the checked attribute and use the disabled attribute to disable the users from changing the value.

Description of the Issue:-

I was working on a lottery application in which I created a standard checkbox. However, my client wanted to customize the checkbox by increasing its stroke width to stand out from the other standard checkboxes.

The Solution Offered:-

Adding the right element was a challenge, and I figured it out and applied them in the right place to get the client’s custom checkbox done efficiently. 
Below is the code to be added in the controller file(Typescript file) under ngOnInit lifecycle hook.

Technologies or frameworks or tools: – Ionic and Angular.

Ionic – Ionic is an open-source and user-friendly UI framework for cross-platform and hybrid app development. Ionic’s universal web component pairs well with any JavaScript framework, including React, Angular, and Vue. Moreover, it is built on web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This helps the developers to leverage their skills efficiently and build applications with ease. Ionic is also the world’s most popular cross-platform mobile development tech stack. The support community is developer-centered and enables developers to become creative while development.

Platforms (Web, Mobile, Etc.) – Hybrid.

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