Angular – How to Insert an eSignature into PDF using HTML?

Adding eSign into PDF using HTML is demanding. Hire top-notch Angular developers to make your web apps accept eSigns into PDFs using HTML.


Problem Statement:-

How to insert an eSignature into PDF using HTML?

eSignature is a digital signature that acts as validation in all electronically transferred documents. eSign makes validation convenient no matter which country the signatory resides in. It also saves a lot of time and resources in sending the documents across physically. eSignatures on PDF are feasible only if a PDF is editable. Editing a PDF will allow text, image, and signature addition. Lately, PDFs cannot be edited to stop legal violations. However, with the right PDF editor, editing a PDF is possible.

Description of the Issue:-

I was working on a new implementation for a client’s web application. As a part of the new feature addition, the client wanted to include the eSign feature that will facilitate signature on a PDF document. I faced a few issues in adding this feature as the client wanted to implement this function without any 3rd party PDF editors.

The Solution Offered:-

It was challenging to find a solution for PDF editing without a 3rd party integration. However, after extensive research, I figured out the best way to edit a PDF and add eSignatures using HTML. 
I created an HTML page and added a PDF viewer to display the PDF inside the HTML page. I added an input tab that will capture the signature. To capture the signature separately, I created an input popup that opens to capture the signature. Firstly, the users have to use the input tab to capture the signature simply. Secondly, they have to drag and drop the eSign to the designated place in the PDF document. Finally, the user has to convert as a PDF and use it accordingly.  All the above process happens inside the web application without any 3rd party app usage.
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