JavaScript – How to understand Profiler and use it for Web Page Optimisation

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Problem Statement:-

How to understand Profiler and use it for Web Page Optimisation?

Website speed is the first impression you can ever make to convince your customers to stay on your website. Customers always expect a fast and reliable user experience from ever website. According to reports, users will never wait more than 3 seconds for a web page to load. They move on to the competitor’s webpage, and you will fall short of valuable customers. It is your responsibility to keep track of your websites’ load speed and optimize them whenever it drops below the preferred speed mark. 

Description of the Issue:-

It has been a while for me to work on Web development. Ensuring development, it took me no longer time to realize that creating pages without bugs is not the only part of web development but also providing the quality, and speed is the critical part.
In my case, the client was dissatisfied with the speed and performance of the website after there was heavy traffic. Hence, I looked for the right solution to solve the performance issue.  
The best answer I found is to improve the code quality, which introduced me to advanced chrome developer tools.

The Solution Offered:-

Profiling gives you insights on each task that runs on a web page. It provides you with time and speed data in the form of graphs. This graph will help you remove and optimize codes and make the user experience better for the users. When you start profiling, you get many data for analyzing the performance of the website based on the insights from recorded runtime performance and load performance. 

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Technologies or frameworks or tools – JavaScript.
JavaScript is a programming language for the web. It allows you to implement complex features in web pages and make it look dynamic by displaying timely content updates, animated graphics, interactive maps, etc. JavaScript is simple to learn and implement. Moreover, client-side JavaScript is very fast because it can run immediately within the client-side browser. This results in increased speed and performance of webpages despite the presence of rich interfaces.
Platforms (Web, Mobile, Etc.) – Web.
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