Why Is India Always the First Choice for Getting a Mobile App Developed?

Hiring a mobile app development team from India helps organizations to transform their app ideas into reality through efficient development processes.

India the first choice for mobile app development

It is needless to say that having a mobile app is imperative for business organizations today. An app that exclusively promotes the brand and facilitates performing business transactions is no more a luxury. It has become essential. Having realized the need, entrepreneurs across the globe are venturing to partner with the best possible custom mobile app development services.
Mobile applications dominate the global business arena; it is obvious. Now, there are quite a lot of players in the market, who provide mobile application development services. Here’s where business organizations need to exercise caution in picking their developers. The Indian sub-continent is renowned for providing cross-platform mobile app development solutions that perfectly fulfill global needs.
Business mobile app development can be performed using either in-house resources or by outsourcing the task to top mobile app developers. While the selection depends on specific needs and personal preferences, the crucial qualities of developers need to be evaluated first.

Why outsourcing is considered the better option in mobile phone app development?

Hiring a reliable mobile application development company has its own advantages. Partnering with a skilled mobile application development agency relieves you from the burden of handling technological challenges. Outsourcing app development needs proves economical and effective, if you are able to identify the efficient and accountable mobile application development service providers.
Professional mobile application development companies have all the required know-how and experience. They are capable of not only coming up with amazing designs and awesome features but also fending off potential pitfalls. They help avoid adversities such as project delays, resource drain, and knowledge gap arising out of employee attrition. In addition to being able to deliver high quality on time, they enable businesses to focus better on their core activities.


What are the Key Factors That Make India the Hub of Smartphone Application Development?

The global mobile phone app development outsourcing market space is dotted with players in India, Poland, and the Philippines. India leads the pack due to several reasons.
India is seen to harbor some of the most professional app developers in the world. It is one of the reasons why nearly 75% of organizations from the USA and UK choose India as their primary outsourcing partner. India is naturally the outsourcing destination of a major portion of the Fortune 500 Companies.
Let’s look at a few dominant factors that ensure India’s berth as the most preferred outsourcing terminal among global businesses:

1. Developers have comprehensive MCAP / MEAP knowledge

Mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) and Mobile consumer application platform (MCAP) are the suites of products and services essential for app development. To be able to undertake android app development and iOS app development projects efficiently, developers must be well-versed in these. With outstanding knowledge of both these sources, Indian developers stand apart.

2. Vast HTML 5 talent pool

India holds the status of being the second largest English-speaking nation after the United States. It is also ranked as the country having the most number of developers skilled in HTML 5. HTML 5 is compatible to all the contemporary app development platforms. Experience in this makes Indian app developers the first choice of global organizations, when it comes to mobile phone app development.

3. Extensive support by Governmental agencies

India has been adjudged as one of the greatest places for investment, according to statistics. With supporting rules and policies such as IT Acts-2000 and cooperative organizations, India tops the list of friendly destinations.
The Government of India provides effective IT infrastructure development and 100% foreign equity. IT sector being a top priority, IT parks with best infrastructure and technology have been made possible here. These factors bode well for technology partnership, especially mobility solutions.

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4. Round-the clock support and service

Indian companies offer reliable 24/7 assistance to clients.  This is one main reason why android app development as well as iOS app development services from India are outsourced on a large scale. Providing round-the-clock service and having the time-zone benefit not only ensures long-term maintenance solutions but also a long-standing business relationship.

5. Risk factors are reduced

With extensive, relevant, and updated knowledge as well as industry experience, developers in India provide reliable cross-platform mobile app development. The professional teams here have the caliber to deal with contingencies such as capacity variations and unexpected demand.
Partnering with mobility solutions providers here warrants refined project management that handles business risks efficiently.

6. Clients get value for their money

The cost of app development varies according to geographical location. For instance, the average price per hour for Android app development would be around $170 in the US, while in Australia, it is around $110. India, on the other hand, is comparatively quite economical with a price band of $20 to $26.
Likewise, in the case of iOS development, charges are around $150 in the US and $110 in Australia. India offers superior development services at around just $30 per hour. The cost factor and excellent mobile phone app development solutions make India far more appealing.


7. Creativity & Innovation

Being able to offer novel and creative app development solutions is one of the strongholds of the skilled teams in India. By adopting state-of-the-art technologies and keeping themselves regularly updated, they assure coming up with the best app solutions that enhance business. Clients’ chances of accessing cutting-edge tools and technologies are greatly increased without the need for investing on infrastructure.

8. User experience is simplified

The ability to simplify user experience even when engaged with the venture of building complex mobile apps is crucial. It is not something every mobile app development company can accomplish. Armed with knowledge as well as experience, developers from India ensure providing smooth and memorable user experience. They have the know-how to manage all the mobile application development platforms efficiently.

Key Takeaway

The qualified and dedicated teams of app developers in Indian mobile development companies are well-versed in handling app development needs for varied platforms. Proficient in developing apps for businesses from different industries, they have attained a niche among global app developers. No wonder global business owners keep approaching Indian developers for scalable, secured, and feature-packed mobile apps.