Is it a Bad Idea to Hire App Developers from India?

Check out the reasons why hiring app developers from India is a good idea to build apps & scale up your business.

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Apps are the present and future of the tech world. The growth of the internet has increased the number of Apps in the market. Hence, there is an exponential growth in the demand for App developers.

It is a well-known fact that India houses the top app developers in the world. Although there are many developed countries around the world, nobody has produced expert developers like India. Smartness and education are the prime reasons.

The app market is expanding largely every day. Business owners are investing without any thoughts on the app development industry because the app development industry is the only industry that survived the pandemic without major disruption.

According to Statista, apps are expected to generate more than US $935 billion in 2023. Mobile app developers have proven their worth in the last couple of years and the market growth is an attestation.

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Importance of App Developers

Developers are the pillars of successful app development. Starting for iOS, Android to Web App Development, developers play a vital part in 2021. Business owners looking to improve revenue and design apps that work for their businesses. However, it possible only with the help of app developers. Be it freelancers or a development team, developers are crucial to win the app market in 2021.

Mobile app developers build apps that open a lot of opportunities for business owners to leverage and grow their businesses. As apps give businesses accessibility to a variety of platforms business owners choose the best developers to design and develop interactive apps.

Apps are the only way to reach the audience in 2021. So if you want to boost your sales, business, and revenue using technology, app developers are the only way.

Why Hiring App Developers from India is a Good Idea?

India is the best destination for IT outsourcing. Moreover, the accomplishments of the developed countries in the IT industry are real-time proof of the hard work and capability of Indian talents.

Below are a few points that elucidate why hiring app developers from India is the best choice in the present and future.

Availability of Experienced Developers:-

One cannot deny that India houses the most experienced developers in the world. Moreover, it is not a surprise for the world’s second most populated country to be crowned as the best place to find experienced developers.

As per reports, India has a high percentage of app experts with bachelor’s and master’s degrees. This adds to their educational qualification. Furthermore, the country has many renowned app development companies like Soft Suave that offer India’s top 1% developers. Thus, when you associate with them, you can hire the best mobile app developers in India.

Best Outsourcing Hub in the World:-

According to western countries, India is the best outsourcing hub in the world. The availability of the latest technologies, tools, and resources makes India the most convenient place for them to outsource all their IT projects.

Moreover, the prices are lower and quality is higher compared to many other outsourcing countries in the world. The availability of experienced app developers makes India the base for all the software development needs.

A few decades back IT projects were outsourced to India due to the costs. Nowadays, the trend is changing and clients are choosing India to get innovative solutions and leverage the top-most talents in the world.

Competitive Pricing:-

The pricing of the developers is the primary factor that attracts a lot of clients to hire app developers from India. The competitive pricing strategy due to the low cost of living and other factors make India the most suitable place to hire developers at a competitive price.

The competitive prices allow even the start-ups and SMBs to outsource their project and save a lot of overhead costs and boost their revenue. On average Indian developer would only cost around $15 to $40 per hour. In contrast, developers in the USA and Australia on an average cost around $175 per hour respectively.

Quality Solution:-

India houses the best-certified app development companies in the world. You can even find the world’s CMM level certified and ISO-9000 companies. Most western countries choose India for the quality it offers for the effective price.

The Indian developers do not compromise the quality of app development. They are equipped and well-versed to offer new features and innovations effortlessly. Quality and cost are the factors that place India well above other countries. This cut-throat competition makes App developers from India the most preferred developers in the world.

Supportive Government Policies:-

The government policies in India support IT industries and companies. Besides, the presence of the top product and service brands in India is proof that the government policies are welcoming and beneficial.

As the second most populated country, India allows outsourcing to fill the employment gaps in the country. However, it is a win-win partnership for the IT industry and the government. There are also different supportive policies and subsidies related to the economy, telecom, and infrastructure to help the growth of the IT industry.

Flexible Time Zones:-

India is geographically situated in a place that can cover different time zones equally. App developers use this as an advantage to overlap timezones and support clients efficiently. Furthermore, they take the game up a notch by leveraging time zones and offering the quickest and quality time-to-market app solutions.

The time difference between the western countries allows India to offer 24/7 support without any hassles.

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Myths to Avoid When You Hire App Developers from India

There are several myths that are going around the outsourcing world that puts India in a bad spot for outsourcing. Here are few common myths you should avoid while hiring app programmers from India.

  • Outsourcing IT projects to India results in a low-quality solution.
  • You will lose control over your project if you hire App Developers from India.
  • Expert developers in India have cultural and communication barriers.
  • Time zones are the biggest threat while hiring software programmers from India.
  • Indian developers will compromise data security and confidentiality.
  • App developers in India take more time than in-house developers
  • Experience app developers are expensive in India.

Best Place to Hire App Developers from India

Hiring developers can be challenging in 2021. However, there are certain companies that make the process easier and effortless. Soft Suave is one such place that houses top-level app developers in the world. The developers have great hands-on experience working with several industry verticals.

You can hire a dedicated web and mobile app developers with flexible hiring models. They are well-versed in all the latest technologies and tools to develop ground-breaking apps. Soft Suave is also renowned among clients in the USA, UK, Australia, and other western countries for the time-zone overlapping offered by the developers.

Wrapping Up

Looking at the exponential growth in the demand for app developers now is the right time to get a free 1-week trial to test the quality of developers from Soft Suave and hire them instantly.

Time isn’t going to wait! Start hiring the best app developers in India from Soft Suave and scape up your business worldwide effortlessly.