Most Popular Mobile App Development Frameworks for 2019

Several mobile app development frameworks are found to be popular in 2019. Selecting the best one depends on the enterprise’s needs & developer’s priorities.

Mobile frameworks

Mobile applications provide fast-track access to potential and existing customers for any business in the modern world. Helping enterprises to reach their intended audience and efficiently interact with them, mobility solutions prove to be indispensable in today’s business environment.
Myriad mobile application development companies are pitching for their market share. Several mobile development frameworks are available. Choosing the right one that best fits the specific business needs is crucial for enterprises.
The mobile app framework is the software library that offers the necessary structure for supporting app development in a given environment. Acting as the skeletal support, the mobile app framework helps to build apps and reduces the developer’s efforts in the process.
Mobile app frameworks may be classified into the following types:

  • Native mobile app frameworks for developing platform-specific apps.
  • Mobile web app frameworks.
  • Hybrid mobile app frameworks that combine the features of the above two.

Choosing Best Mobile App Development Framework is Crucial, Why?

Exponential use of smartphones across the globe has caused a rapid development and unprecedented progress in mobile technology. With mobility solutions having become the norm for any modern industry, myriad mobile app development companies have been coming up.
Mobile apps are the bloodline of a major portion of global enterprises today. This has resulted in the advent of different mobile app development platforms and innovative mobile app development frameworks. This necessitates entrepreneurs and app developers to consider the pros and cons of each popular framework and pick the one that best suits their specific requirements.

Top 10 Mobile App Frameworks expected to be Adopted in 2019

There are several mobile app development frameworks that prevail in the modern mobile technology world. A few have been recognized as robust and efficient in assisting top mobile app developers in crafting amazing and attractive mobile apps. These have been discussed below:

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1. React Native


React Native, a JavaScript framework has been designed to build native apps for iOS and Android. Its design is much the same as React, the JavaScript library created by Facebook. Similar to React, it allows developers to integrate a rich and robust mobile UI.

This open-source platform is best suited for portable application enhancement. One of the preferred frameworks among modern app developers, it offers enormous support to IDEs and other development tools.
Soft Suave specializes in mobile app development using React Native framework. We are one of the top-ranked react native app development companies that ensure promoting your business passively through robust mobile apps.

2. Xamarin


Developed and supported by Microsoft, Xamarin is a framework suited for developing cross-platform mobile apps using C# codebase. It can be used for creating apps for iOS, Android, and Windows. Codes can be shared among multiple platforms such as Mac OS and Windows.

With the code-sharing advantage, Xamarin enables fast development of apps. Moreover, it offers the benefit of facilitating building apps like websites by making use of JavaScript libraries. Saving in coding time and efforts from the part of developers is the exclusive advantage of the Xamarin framework.
Soft Suave develops stunning mobile apps using the Xamarin framework. We are ranked among the top Xamarin application development companies. We warrant saving your time while reducing 40% of your mobile app development costs.

3. Ionic


Ionic is an open-source, client-side framework that facilitates building native apps using a combination of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS3. Moreover, HTML5 can be adopted for creating hybrid apps. Enabling developers to make use of one codebase for building apps for different platforms, Ionic is one of the most widely-used app development frameworks.

Ionic has been found to power the highest number of websites in USA. Integrating Ionic with Identity Vault, SQLite, and Firebase ensures security and authentication of mobile apps.
Soft Suave is equipped with the best talents in the Ionic framework, making it the most sought-after Ionic application development company in the contemporary mobility solutions market.

4. Flutter


Flutter has attained a place among the top-ranking frameworks for developing hybrid mobile applications. Backed by Google, this mobile SDK is used for creating high-quality native interfaces efficiently on Android and iOS under short time. Pre-existing codes can be used in Flutter.

Flutter makes use of Sika, the 2D rendering engine, for developing visuals. It uses the programming language of Dart. Integration of Flutter 1.2 and Dart 2.2 has been a major update in Flutter. It facilitates building cross-platform apps that run smoothly on various devices.
Soft Suave is experienced in creating apps with great features and rich mobile user interface. If you wish to hire the leading Flutter app development company that builds phenomenal Flutter mobile apps in your own budget, approach Soft Suave.

5. Corona SDK


This open-source framework is among the fastest mobile app development frameworks. Supported by Lua, a light-weight scripting language which primarily focuses on speed, ease of use, and flexibility, Corona SDK offers developers the benefit of fast coding while being able to maintain high quality of applications.

This framework being very fast is extensively used for developing robust and rich-featured games applications. Several exclusive benefits such as high speed, real-time simulation, and live testing make this one of the favorites among mobile app development agencies.
With presence in USA and India, Soft Suave—the most reliable Corona application development company—enables entrepreneurs to roll out business-specific app solutions rapidly.


6. Adobe PhoneGap

phonegapIdeal for building cross-platform mobile applications by making use of HTML5, CSS, nd JavaScript, Adobe PhoneGap is an open source framework that has seen millions of downloads.  It doesn’t rely on hardware configurations during the development process. It enables instant viewing of changes. The ability to develop high-performing apps and the freedom from hardware limitations is the exclusivity with this framework.
The functionality of this framework can be extended by developers, by adding the plugins associated with it. Developers just need to upload codes; compiling the code is taken care of the toll by itself.
Global businesses looking for creating their own great mobile apps by leveraging the virtues of Adobe PhoneGap app framework may hire us. Soft Suave is one of the top-notch Adobe PhoneGap mobile application development companies in the world.

7. Mobile Angular UI


Combining the features of the Angular and Bootstrap frameworks, Mobile Angular UI framework facilitates simplifying the development process. Mobile apps can be developed using HTML5 in Mobile Angular UI. This open-source framework, when used along with overthrow.js and fastclick.js, offers a seamless user experience.

By using this framework, Mobile Angular UI application development companies are enabled to bring existing web applications to mobile efficiently. Great server-side support and the ability to build complex applications with ease are the exclusive benefits of using Mobile Angular UI.
Soft Suave helps enterprises by providing exclusive PhoneGap app development solutions and adding magical digital touch to their businesses. Our services ensure adherence to standards and saving of up to 50% of the development cost.

8. Native Scripts

Native Scripts follows a holistic approach. Codes, written once, can be run smoothly across various platforms. This framework facilitates complete access to all Android and iOS APIs too.
Native Scripts application development companies such as Soft Suave can build apps that are intuitive, scalable, and user-centric. The specially trained team at Soft Suave assists global businesses to build powerful apps having numerous optimized features by using Native Scripts framework.

9. Intel XDK

Powered by several unique and useful features such as data binding, filters, directives, routing, form validation, and others, AngularJS empowers developers to come up with robust applications in short time. The potential of building smooth apps with high performance make this framework the natural choice of experienced developers.


10. JQuery Mobile


The famous tagline of ‘write less, do more’ absolutely suits this hybrid mobile application development framework. A large number of contemporary websites have been making use of this framework. It uses a single code that can be run effectively on various devices/platforms.

Used for building websites as well as mobile apps, this framework draws extensive support from different operating systems such as Mac OS, Windows, Kindle, and so on. This framework makes use of HTML5 and has been steadily gaining popularity. An efficient JQuery Mobile application development company can utilize JavaScript library for simplifying HTML’s client-side scripting.
Here’s where Soft Suave plays a crucial role in creating a distinctive mobile experience for users across multiple devices and platforms. We ensure the best mobility solutions and a 60% reduction in development cost.

Key Takeaway

Frameworks play a key role in building mobile apps and websites today. While there are quite a few popular and efficient frameworks for developers to choose, there are a few factors that influence the choice. Project type and specific project needs are the primary factors that govern the selection of frameworks.
Developers’ familiarity with a framework and priorities are also considered to impact the selection of framework. With the above discussed frameworks having emerged as popular and extensively-used, 2019 is about to witness a great improvement in mobile app development.