ReactJS – How to receive event data from back-end using a WebSocket

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WebSockets is a technology that develops interactive communication between the user’s browser and server. The best part of using a WebSocket is, a user can communicate with the server and receive event-driven responses without continually waiting for the server to reply. The WebSocket related events refresh itself and send the data to the front-end. This feature will be used widely when developing interactive messaging applications.

Problem Statement:-

ReactJS – How to receive event data from back-end using a WebSocket

Description of the Issue:-

I was working on a healthcare application when I encountered this issue. Our team was testing the video calling functionality, and they found the WebSocket is not receiving data from the back-end. I checked the codes and found the same, which was reported by my team. However, after emitting from the socket, I did not know how to receive it.

The Solution Offered:-

I could not proceed with the data display as I did not integrate WebSocket well, which prohibited the front-end from receiving data from the back-end. I tried different combinations of codes and did not yield the intended result. I took the next step to research, and fortunately, I found the solution relating to the error mentioned above.
I used the following code – socket.on(eventName, function() => {}) and then I was able to receive events and data from the back-end. 
Technologies or frameworks or tools – ReactJS.
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