5 Best Reasons to Outsource Web App Development to India

If you are on the verge of deciding on an outsourcing partner for your web development project, India should be your choice without a doubt.

Reasons to outsource web app development in India

India is famous for many things – cricket, Bollywood, food… In the last decade, the Indian IT sector has made its mark on the world map too.

India has over 31,000 IT companies.

1.5 million engineers graduate every year.

There are approx. 6 million software developers.

The Indian IT market is expected to reach $100 billion by 2025.

All these stats point to one thing. The tech sector is writing India’s growth story and India is well on its way to becoming the tech hub of the world.

Outsourcing web development is not a new trend. When expertise, time, and investments all are crucial to the project, organizations across the globe choose to outsource. India is a leading nation in the global outsourcing market for various reasons – the vast talent pool, cost, flexibility, and more.

outsource web development to india

If you are on the verge of deciding on an outsourcing partner for your web development project, India should be your choice without a doubt. In this article, we will tell you why.

Why outsourcing web app development to India is a great Idea?

India’s IT sector is one of the fastest-growing tech industries and among the top countries worldwide for outsourcing software development. A recent Deloitte report suggests that India is a trusted partner for most global businesses for outsourcing software development projects. In a digital world, an online presence is the need of the hour. Businesses across the world are looking towards India for their web app development projects, here’s why.

1. Diverse and high-quality talent –

India is home to dedicated app developers who build any kind of web app that your business needs. HTML, CSS, multiple programming languages, frameworks… you will find app developers with a wide range of skill sets. Learning and development are a crucial part of every IT company, so app developers are continuously upskilling themselves. India is the largest English-speaking nation in the world. Hence Indian app developers effectively collaborate and communicate with teams across geographies.

So, when you outsource to India, be assured that you are getting a high-quality and future-ready team for your web development project.

2. Cost efficient outsourcing –

Businesses prefer outsourcing because it saves a lot of time and investments for enterprises. If not for outsourcing, companies would have to hire a team of web app developers to get their web app development project off the ground. This would mean a lot of time and cost towards scouting and hiring the best talent. As the technology landscape advances, talent needs continuous upskill too. 

Outsourcing helps you to hire experts for the duration of the project, saving both cost and time. Outsourcing is a good choice, but outsourcing to India is the right one. India’s outsourcing is huge, which means it is also competitive. This works out in favor of the companies. 

Why? Because to gain and keep customers, outsourcing companies continuously strive to offer high-quality talent and the best services at cost-effective pricing.

3. Well-developed IT infrastructure –

The IT sector contributes 8% to India’s GDP. By 2025, the Indian IT sector is projected to reach $100 billion. These numbers are a testament to the fact that the IT sector in India is booming. While cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, etc, are homes to most of the IT companies, tier-2 and tier-3 cities are also seeing an opening up of IT companies. The IT infrastructure of India is perfectly placed to ensure any scale and type of project. World-call telecom, cellular networks, and ISPs in most cities housing the best IT companies ensure smooth functioning of companies. Precisely why, even in the post-pandemic world, the Indian IT sector was going strong. In fact, in FY’22 the IT revenues saw the fastest growth in a decade and reached $ 227Bn. 

With best-in-class talent and a robust IT infrastructure, outsourcing web app development to India is a prudent choice.

4. IT-friendly Policies –

In India, the IT sector is one of the top priority industries. The infrastructure is being improved and policies are planned for the digital India vision. The favorable policies toward the Indian IT sector are a contributing factor to India being the go-to outsourcing partner. Outsourcing in India is not just cost-effective, it is convenient for enterprises too because of the support from the government and the push towards growing the sector.

5. Assured Data Privacy –

Data security and privacy are major concerns when companies want to outsource web app development or any software development project. In India, the Information Technology Act is built to safeguard electronic data. It is the legal framework for electronic governance. With such acts in place, India is uniquely positioned to ensure that robust measures are taken to protect your company’s data. Most outsourcing companies in India are flexible to accommodate a client’s needs. So if your company’s web app development project requires working with confidential or highly sensitive data, you could specify the requirement. With the immense pool of app developers, most outsourcing companies will ensure robust security practices are in place for your web app.

Wrapping up:

Digitization has become an integral part of every company irrespective of the industry. There is a steep rise in the number of outsourcing companies. A report suggests that by end of 2023 there will be 70% more outsourcing companies in India. For companies that want to outsource their app development project to India, there is no better place than India. The proliferation of the Indian outsourcing market has ensured that it is a win-win situation for everyone. The outsourcing market is getting a boost and customers get the best talent and services and competitive pricing.

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