Steps to Hire Perfect Dedicated AngularJS Developers in 2021

This blog contains useful information about steps, costs, and tips that helps you to know how to hire AngularJS developers with relevant skills & experience

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Today, we find numerous web app development solutions. However, AngularJS developers stands out from them because of its flexibility and user-friendliness. Additionally, being a Google product, it has a good reputation in the entire tech industry.

Moreover, it provides advanced scalability, easier testing, declarative templates, hassle-free dependency injection, and end-to-end tooling. Hence, the demand for proficient AngularJS developers is increasing enormously. But, it’s not an easy task finding the right developers who have relevant experience and knowledge to work with your project. Nevertheless, this article reveals some significant tips on hiring AngularJS developers who would prove to be the perfect fit for your project.

Steps to Follow While Hiring Skilled AngularJS Developers: -

The skills of AngularJS developers and their experience, competency play a vital role in how well the application performs. However, if you are looking for AngularJS developers, you should examine some things. For instance, it’s better to know whether they have experience with making AJAX calls, data binding, direct DOM (Document Object Model) manipulation, and creating custom directives, services, and factories.

Moreover, here’s the complete step-by-step guide on how to hire best AngularJS developer who would prove to be the perfect fit for your project.

01. Prepare the project description:

The first and foremost step is preparing the project description. Without a clear description, it’s difficult to find the right talents.  Also, make sure you have not missed any important details about your project. If you already have an existing developer team, you can get their assistance in this. This helps you determine what developer expertise you need. Besides, this will also assist the candidate to know whether they possess the necessary expertise to participate in your project.

02. Determine The Hiring Model:

Based on the complexity of your project, you may select one hiring model. Similarly, the number of developers you need, the budget, and the deadline of the project need to be carefully analyzed. The most common models include full-time, part-time, and milestone. However, if you find it difficult to select one hiring model, consult with project managers at Soft Suave who have decades of experience.

03. Decide Between Front-End, Back-End, Or Full-Stack Developers:

To finalize how many developers you require, you can look into the project’s workload and when you need it to be completed. For instance, if it needs 6 months and 1-2 developers, however, you can hire 3-4 developers in case you need to launch the App in 3 months. Sometimes entering the market before your rivals is crucial to attract more users and increase brand recognition.

Apart from that, a front-end developer cannot work on the back-end part of your project. Likewise, a back-end developer would struggle to work on App’s visual aspects. Therefore, you should plan to hire both front-end and back-end programmers or hire a full-stack developer who can handle all aspects of the development plan.

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04. Check The Developer’s Skills:

Now, you should ensure that the developer has some necessary skills to successfully incorporate the features in your App. Also, if a developer doesn’t possess certain skills, the project may be delayed or in some worst cases even collapse. So, before making your final hiring decision, check if the developer has these skills.

  • Adequate knowledge of JavaScript and HTML5
  • Experience working with AngularJS and various Angular practices and modules
  • Ability to build self-contained, reusable, and testable modules and components
  • Familiar with clear dependency chain, regarding the App logic and the file system
  • Knowledge of knowledge about SEO solutions for single-page Apps
  • Understanding of database, API, caching layer, proxies, and other web services used in the system

Possessing these skills is enough for simple AngularJS development  projects. However, for a complex project, you need to check these additional necessary skills as well,

  • Deep knowledge of CSS and JS methods helps to keep the framerate above 30fps at all times
  • Knowledge of one-way and two-way binding approaches to data flow
  • Ability to write non-blocking code
  • Working with advanced techniques like RxJs Observables
  • Ability to architect the build process for production with the help of task runners or scripts
  • Experience in creating end-to-end test suites for all components
  • Performing tasks like configuration, build, and test scripts for Continuous Integration environments

05. Look For Necessary Soft Skills:

Making sure the developer has decent soft skills is also one of the essential steps during the hiring process. This is because how technically strong the developer is would not necessarily make him an ideal choice. They need to be team players as well to avoid conflicts. Also, the proper flow of information requires good communication skills. other aspects include,

  • Adaptability
  • Conflict management
  • Creativity
  • Decision making
  • Dedication

06. Sign An NDA Agreement:

After a series of interviews and practical testing and finding the perfect developers, you need to complete the recruitment process. Above all, you can start your project after making an NDA agreement and doing other administrative tasks. This ensures the utmost privacy and avoids the risk of project information being leaked.

Interview Questions: -

Apart from the process to hire angular JS developers given above, you can ask the following questions to check the AngularJS developer’s hard skills.

  • What is AngularJS?
  • list out the key components of Angular?
  • Explain modules and components in Angular
  • Define Angular directives with examples
  • How will you handle errors in Angular applications?
  • Experience in creating end-to-end test suites for all components
  • What is routing?
  • What is meant by the CSS box model?
  • list out the key components of Angular?
  • How do you ensure the App’s security?
  • What debugging tools do you know that helps to fix issues with Apps?
  • Describe tsconfig.json file
  • Do you know about designing Angular custom pipes?
  • Explain about app.module.ts file

Final Thoughts: -

Although these steps to hire AngularJS developers will be helpful, it’s always a good idea to see their work in person. Hence, we at Soft Suave offer a 1-week free trial to test our developers. For one week, we give you complete freedom to analyze our developer’s technical knowledge, working style, communication skills. You can assign a small part of your existing project and work with them side by side.

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