What’s So Trendy About AngularJS That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

Benefits such as robust features, useful concepts, and wide community support make Angular JS app development the first choice of modern developers.

whats so trendy about angularjs that everyone went crazy over it

Angular JS is the client-side technology that provides a robust platform for developing a website’s interactive components. Introduced by Google during 2009, it is one of the most popular and preferred frameworks today.
Although AngularJS has not brought in any revolutionary or fundamentally new solutions, it ranks to be the best framework. The major factors attributed to its extensive usage are its ease of use, structure of the JavaScript code, and simplified development process.
The intent behind the creation of AngularJS was simplifying the front-end development process. Amid quite a few frameworks and plugins available in the present market, AngularJS development services command huge adoption.

Primary Reasons Behind the Popularity & Success of AngularJS Technology

Many reasons have made AngularJS a popular and successful technology to use. The support developers receive while they use this technology makes it the most reliable technology. After the development process, testing is made easier compared to other technologies, thus making AngularJS technology to be used vastly in the app development sector.

1. The Efficient Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture

Several frameworks are available in the market for developing mobile applications. Still, most of them do not offer to bifurcate the apps into MVC architecture. Angular JS app development enables developers to make full use of this facility. The potential of Angular JS to string the app code facilitates this. Furthermore, time for development as well as marketing is considerably saved.

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2. Client-side Operation

Working on the client side, AngularJS is compatible to desktop computers as well as mobile browsers. Being versatile, it facilitates developing any application’s front end with no need for modifications on the back-end.

3. Modularity is Possible

One key factor that contributes to wide adoption of Angular app development is modularity. This facility empowers angular developers to create multiple modules for a single app. Different modules being dependent on one another, developers are enabled to combine these to run a complete app. The ability to recognize automatically the need for creating additional module enables combining other such developed modules.

4. Great Community Support

Being developed by Google, AngularJS boasts a huge community having expert developers. With the support of such experts who can make substantial improvement with the open-source framework, AngularJS development services can be effective and reliable. The community arranges conferences regularly to spread information regarding latest developments in the technology, educating IT services and AngularJS developers.

5. Easy to Use

Infused with rich features facilitating creation of websites with minimum coding by AngularJS Web application developers, AngularJS helps avoid writing setters and getters to apply different data models. The integral parts of application code have no directive. This makes it easy for parallel-working teams to manage them. Migration of code translates to saving in time and efforts.

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6. Two-way Data Binding

AngularJS framework’s effective functionality of two-way data binding proves to be excellent to AngularJS development companies. As an inherent part of it, changes happening in the app will have an impact on user interface and vice versa. Module changes and user actions occur at he same time in AngularJS framework.

7. Filters are Available

Filters in AngularJS provide immense help in transforming stored data in responsive web design. Developers get various filters for lowercase, uppercase, numbers, currency, date, orderby, and more. Moreover, registering to a new filter factory enables creating your own filter.

8. Testing is Easy

Testing is quite easy when AngularJS web or mobile application is concerned. This is due to the fact that manipulating varied parts of an app placed in Angular JS is easy. Module separation feature helps developers to load the required services while being able to implement automated testing easily.

9. Single Page Application Features

AngularJS is closely associated with single page applications. The combination offers the capability of form validation. When pages use forms, the form controller can note their states. This data enables developers to change HTML elements’ conduct in the user interface.

Why AngularJS is Considered the Best?

The primary factor that drives AngularJS ahead of other contemporary technologies is the interactive and robust development environment it offers. This highly scalable framework enables AngularJS development companies to provide
end-to-end solutions. Moreover, rich features and intuitiveness have ensured its emergence as the top framework.
With new devices coming up and technology advancing, users are more inclined toward sophisticated UX. Angular app development allows businesses to create sophisticated single page apps offering great user experience. It warrants faster business growth with increased customization.
The following are the key Features of AngularJS that make it extensively used by modern web and mobile app development companies:

  • Modules
  • Filters
  • Form validation
  • Templating
  • Expressions
  • MVC /MVVM design models
  • Dependency injection
  • Reusable components
  • Two-way data binding
  • Routing
  • End-to-end integration testing


Exclusive Benefits Offered by AngularJS App Development

AngularJS App Development has several exclusive benefits that stand out from other technologies. The affordability, Declarative UI and time-saving factor are the main  reasons you have to consider while choosing AngularJS for application development in 2020.

  • Saving in Time: With AngularJS mobile app development, it is possible to complete projects quicker.
  • Easy Data Binding: The difficulty of creating a text property on any model which requires binding to the app UI has been eliminated in Angular JS.
  • Learn and Get Started Easily: Developers can get an app running faster and with ease, when AngularJS is adopted.
  • Affordability: Building custom apps under reduced costs is possible with the open source framework of AngularJS
  • Declarative UI: Using the declarative language of HTML, AngularJS allows a declarative approach that greatly simplifies the app development process.
  • Dependency Injection: Empowering developers to ask and get dependencies rather than making them, this feature helps easy management of the back-end and ensures that web apps are stable and fast.

Key Takeaway

AngularJS proves to be an ideal platform for building hybrid applications. This open source, full featured JavaScript framework designed primarily for creating dynamic web applications aims at simplifying and structuring JavaScript code. Having unique features and the capability to build amazing apps, it helps enterprises to craft robust apps and expand their client base. No wonder it has such huge fan following today.