How To Submit Your App To The App Store And Get Approved Without Rejection

Top iOS app developers will always ensure that your app conforms to the factors in the below-mentioned checklist.

checklist for getting an app approved by the app store

There are quite a lot of mobile apps being developed across the world today. Mobile application development has become one of the most commonly sought-after services in the contemporary business arena.
In keeping with the quality expectations of users, Apple’s App Store has tough requirements and high thresholds. This is essential for ensuring that apps perform well and provide appropriate security measures. The whole cycle of submission, getting approval, and getting your app published is time-consuming and strenuous if due diligence is not given.
To be able to meet all standards and requirements of the App Store while managing to create the applications in tune with user needs is no easy task. Top mobile app developers have to first complete the process of Smartphone application development. They need to ensure that the app meets all necessary expectations. The final hurdle that they need to tackle is submitting the app to App Store and successfully getting it published.

Prerequisites for App Submission to App Store

  • A project that complies with App Store Guidelines of Apple and is ready for submission
  • A valid Apple developer program account
  • A computer running on Mac OS X
  • Xcode and Keychain Access programs

Strategic Steps in App Submission

  • Collecting App information: It is essential for the iOS development company to assemble all essential information required to be submitted prior to starting the process.
  • Bundle identifier creation: The name of the app, as seen by iOS devices as well as the App Store must be submitted.
  • Creating the request for certificate signing: This helps link the computer that you use with the Apple developer account.
  • Creating App Store production certificate: Code signing certificates help link your Apple developer account to iOS.
  • Production provisioning profile creation: Provisioning profiles can be packaged with iOS apps. This enables users to install them on their devices.
  • Creating App Store listing: You need to reserve a slot for your app in the App Store. This enables users to see the app.
  • Providing version information: By filling in the version information, you may facilitate users to decide whether they wish to install the app.
  • Release build creation: It is necessary to package the actual binary which users will upload to App Store.
  • Submission of the app for review: You need to submit your app for review by the Apple team before it is released.
  • App Release: The final step in-app submission, app release has to be performed when your app is ready in all respects.

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7 Checklist for Getting an App Approved by the App Store

It is well-known that Apple performs comprehensive testing on apps regardless of whether yours is a free or paid app. Even the slightest of errors could cause your app being rejected. One of the big challenges for an iOS application development company is getting the app approved.
Top iOS app developers will always ensure that your app conforms to the factors in the below-mentioned checklist. This enables them to handle the process of App Store approval efficiently.

1. Accurate description of the app

One key factor that App Review looks for is an accurate description about your proposed app. Description helps users to get a clear understanding about your app. You need to convey your app’s functionality and purpose accurately and clearly via an explicit description combined with screenshots.
Stick to the following key points for getting app approval:

  • The description must be compelling but simple
  • Explain how your app stands out- why is it unique?
  • Avoid being similar to other apps in the same category
  • Be very clear in describing and avoid being rejected

2. Provide complete information

It is essential that all required details are entered for getting your app reviewed in the section ‘App Review Information’ of Apple’s iTunes Connect.
The following are details that need to be provided in a complete form:

  • Name and contact details of the business/business owner
  • List of the APIs that have been used, with their description
  • Icons and images used, and whether they have been used by any other apps
  • When necessary, links to external websites, along with the description

3. Have a clean user interface

Apple places great emphasis on user-friendly, clean interfaces. It must be borne in mind to simplify the app to a possible extent while passing the initial submission. More advanced features may be added later.
Your iOS application development agency must ensure that the app meets such expectations. This can be achieved by following the design guidelines as well as UI Design Dos and Don’ts of Apple.

4. Offer lasting, unique value

It is necessary to ensure that your app is unique and provides value to App Store. Apple approves those apps having these qualities and expects apps to be different.
On the other hand, the chances of your app to get approved by App Review are more when your app resembles other apps in the same category. Striking a balance between being unique and being in the lines of other apps in the same category is required.

5. Bugs & crashes need to be fixed

An app has to be submitted only it is complete in all respects. It is to be noted that being incomplete is the reason for around 25% of rejections. Regardless of the type of app, you are required to test it. It helps achieve the twin advantages of future success as well as App Store approval.

6. Placeholder content is a big no-no

All text and images in the app must be finalized before submission. It is noteworthy here that if apps contain placeholder content, they will be rejected.

7. Broken links must be fixed

In order to avoid the risk of your app being rejected, you must ensure that all links in it are functional. Link to user support along with contact information is essential for apps. Care should be exercised in checking all the links in an app.


Custom iOS app development is a time-consuming task that involves a lot of effort from the iOS application development agency. Considerable resources are required to be invested in mobile phone app development for Apple devices. Even after taking all the pains in creating an app, it is to be noted that App Store decides the fitness of your app. This calls for diligently applying thought and ensuring that all factors expected by Apple are provided in the app.

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