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Guide for successful dating app development

Mobile has stopped all the courses of action in humans. One such activity is dating. Mobile phones provided the space essential for the dating market to penetrate mobile phones and now, Statista estimates the revenue of the online dating industry to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2024) of 4.3%, resulting in a market volume of US$2,530m by 2024. The dating industry is the most profitable industry around the world that succeeds without having any barriers regards to language or geographical location. As per reports, the average revenue per user (ARPU) currently amounts to US$8.92.
Nowadays, most of the traditional dating approaches and practices have shifted to the online dating application. In the current online dating market, if one pulls the right strings, one can hold a fair amount of market share in the industry.

Build Tinder Clone Apps With The Great Features:-

People are spending more than 90 minutes a day on online dating apps like tinder, OkCupid and The amount of revenue corresponding to the usage is enormous, and this is the primary reason most of the mobile app development companies are flooded with the idea to start a dating app using a Tinder-like app clone. The overall popularity of dating apps is making it easy for application owners to reach the app to customers.
Building your own dating application is easy now. Soft Suave, the leading Dating App Development Company in India, has an excellent reputation in building Tinder clone apps with unique and ingenious features for Android and iPhone. The nature of the market makes the product difficult to break into. However, developers at Soft Suave take your Tinder clone dating application to another level with the help of creative ideas and exciting UI/UX to help you break into the market with ease.

Features & Development Cost of a Dating App:-

Dating applications must be fun to use. Features integrated into the app must lift the mood of the customers. Consider and consolidate the features and development cost of a dating app before starting the development process, as it will increase the success chance of the application before and after deployment. The features mentioned below will facilitate you to build an app like tinder and an MVP according to the cost affordability. Finally, in order to break even and reap rewards soon, make sure to develop a dating application that is freemium.
dating app development cost

1. Profile setup for suggestions:

Setting up a profile is the foremost step to consider when one signs up your application. It acts as a filter and introduces the potential matches to the users. The profile setup must have extensive customization options for the users to reflect their personality. As the first impression is created through the profile, dedicating much time and effort is must to provide the users with best features that would boost their personality in your online dating application.

2. Geolocation and Gender-based suggestions:

The geolocation and Geofencing feature must be integrated into the application. It acts as a filter to split the matches according to the location from where the users are accessing. The match suggestion also gets filtered in consideration to the gender the users register during the time of setting up the profile. This feature should be coded in a way the potential matches automatically splits according to the gender selected.

3. Match Making- Swipe to like or dislike:

Match-making is an essential part of your Dating application. People downloaded and signed up to your app to get into this process and end up on a positive note. If you want the match-making feature just like the tinder clone, then swiping feature is necessary. Users can browse the photos that pops up on the screen and swipe it right or left considering their likeness. Swiping right side means the user likes the person and swiping left side means the user wants to skip that person. Now, match-making is made simple with a single swipe.

4. Real-time chatting: Text, Voice and Video:

Dating application without a real-time chat feature is a misstep. Adding real-time chatting feature would boost the match-making process and help the users find success in your application. The users can be allowed to initiate a conversation if they get a mutual likeness towards each other photos. The conversation can also be disabled if the user dislikes the person in the chat room even after initiating the chat. Gifs, emojis and likes can be provided to the users to show their feelings towards the chat threads as this is one of the most trending ways to express one’s thought and would be a fun addition to the dating application as well.
Adding voice chat and the video chat is an add-on feature to be integrated. This feature can be enabled only upon subscription, and it is better not to use these features if you are developing a minimum viable product. Integrating voice and video chat would enrich the dating application considering the increased amount of 4G users and give you a fair bit of advantage over the competitors.

5. Boost/Superpowers feature:

This Boost/Superpower is an add-on feature that will allow users to pay a certain amount of money to boost their profile and increase their visibility and also increase their chances of getting a potential match faster than the others. This feature will generate revenue for the app owners quickly by boosting the profiles of the users for a specified period. Unlimited swipe rights can also be enabled if the users pay a fixed amount. Every dating application is developed to serve its purpose and to make money. This is one such feature that will benefit both the users and the application owners simultaneously.

6. Social media integration:

Any feature that reduces the work of the users is a success. Social media integration is the feature that would allow users to sign up using their social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Integrating social media will reduce their setting up and profile verification time by collecting all the information from the social media account and mirrors it to the dating application. The users can also take their conversations next level to social media if you integrate this feature into the application.

7. Push Notifications:

Push notifications are the reminders that helps users to stay updated with the events happening inside the application, and it must be enabled to make the users aware of the events happening in the chatroom. Notifications about new messages, matches and profile recommendations are updated to the users through push notifications. Users need not waste time waiting over the application for the activity to be noticed; they can use the application only when they receive any notification. This feature is necessary and will ensure frequent returns and user engagement to the dating application.

8. Offline availability:

This feature would enable users to take their conversation offline. If there is a mutual agreement between the users to take their conversation offline, this feature will be enabled. Offline availability will also save much cost that arises in the form of internet usage.

9. Block users:

An online dating application must have options to block users. This feature will encourage users to use the application with confidence, knowing that their chats are secured and have options to block users who show inappropriate behaviour. If a user is blocked, the user’s chat option will be disabled, and they will not be able to chat with that particular person again.

Dating App - Admin Panel:

tinder-clone-script-webapp The Admin panel has overall control over the application. They can change the theme of the application, change the font colors, and can also add features to the application. The admin addresses the reviews of the application through this panel. The admin can block the users permanently or temporarily from using the application if they find any adverse reports on the users for inappropriate behavior. The admin can also manage the amount the advertisements shown in the application. They also have access to a dashboard that shows in-app analytics regarding the number of active and dormant users.

Summing Up:

This ultimate guide will help you develop your own dating app with groundbreaking features that would beat the competition in the dating industry. Nevertheless, for these features to be integrated rightly into the dating application, there will be a need for a well-experienced and creative Dating Mobile App Development Company. Soft Suave will be the best development company to choose for your dating application development. The quality of work and dedication they have shown in the app development industry is the proof for the years of experience the Soft Suave dedicated mobile app developers have in the application development industry. Book your demo to launch your dating app now with Soft Suave.
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