How Mobile Application Can Help to Grow Your Food Delivery Business?

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How many of you used a mobile application today to order food online? I am sure there would be many. The hectic schedule of the people is making them tiring and lazy to cook their food. Gradually this routine has turned into a habit, and now, almost everyone is relying on food delivery as it gives various options in cuisine selection at a discounted cost and the ordering process is also made easy with the help of the mobile application. The mobile app works hand-in-hand in the food delivery business.
According to Statista, revenue in the Online Food Delivery segment amounts to US$122,739m in 2020, and the revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2024) of 7.5%, resulting in a market volume of US$164,002m by 2024.
These statistics illustrate that the usage of mobile applications will increase simultaneously with the growth of the food delivery business.

The Rise of Food Delivery Mobile Application Development:

Lailah Gifty Akita, the founder of Smart Youth Volunteers Foundation, said “Seize every opportunity and make it great” The food delivery mobile application development is following it without missing a single word from this quote. The opportunity of penetration into the food delivery market is easy and in parallel, application development is on the rise with many business owners crowing the application development companies in India (considering the cost and quality of work). Soft Suave, the leading web, and mobile application development in India have developed a food delivery app for small businesses and also has a considerable amount of on-demand food delivery app development requirements in the queue. This is a tremendous shift in the mobile application development market.

Grow Your Food Delivery Business With Mobile Application:

The food sector is the most profitable sector around the world. The support of technology in the form of mobile applications has made a massive impact in the food delivery market. The food delivery business has attracted many people over the last few years by providing the customers with a satisfying and convenient experience. Nowadays, business owners are exploring possible ways with the help of mobile applications to enhance the quality & convenience of the customers and make them happy and satisfied. Here are a few growth hacks using a mobile app that will help your food delivery business.

1. Easy online order and faster online delivery:-

Going to a restaurant for a meal can end up tiresome at times. Mobile phones solve this by providing food delivery application to the customers for easy online ordering and faster delivery. A handy food delivery application will have all the features that encourage users to seek the application when hunger strikes. The predictive analysis feature helps the customers to choose the best from a variety of cuisines
and place an order at a discounted price. The mobile application in this scenario also acts as a tracking tool that facilitates the customers to track their deliverer and find the accurate estimated time of arrival. As GPS is enabled in the mobile application, the delivery process is also made more accessible from the business owners’ point of view.

2. Digital menu card to order with a few clicks:-

Digital menu cards are on the rise in 2020. Choosing food from a menu ends up a headache for most of the people. Besides, the card lists all the food available in the restaurant. Digital menu card expands the usage of menu cards by providing customized menus according to the time of the day and gives suggestions according to the budget of the users. It also helps the customers to order with a few clicks and avoids waiting time, as there is no mediator involved in the process of receiving the order except the restaurant owner. Who would shut one's eyes to a process that is time-saving and easy to use?

3. Push notifications to tempt customers:

According to BusinessofApps, an average US smartphone user receives 46 app push notifications per day. Push notifications are the best way to tempt customers and lure them into buying. Most of the food delivery application business owners use this feature to create awareness among the users about the discounts, new deals, offers, the addition of new food items. By notifying your customers regularly, there will be a guaranteed surge in the business that would end up in profits. If this feature is explored well, it will boost the food business to more significant numbers.

4. Retain and grow business with loyalty points:-

Loyalty points are the best and the most used personalized way to retain your customers and benefit from them. It is also considered the most cost-effective marketing tactic. Loyalty points benefit the business owners by retaining existing customers and attracting new ones simultaneously. Using loyalty programs in the mobile applications has a more significant advantage while running a food delivery business, as it helps the customers to grab the offers and discounts quickly in a single click of a button.

5. Review and rating collection:-

A food delivery business is dead if it does not receive any reviews or receives low ratings. A mobile application with an interactive page to collect customers reviews is a must. Ratings and reviews are mainly collected to create trust and reliability for the customers. The review and rating collection should not end up just by the collecting and posting on the business website or in the application instead, each review must be addressed, so the customers feel that their feedbacks are taken care and addressed.

Summing Up:

When the whole world is running behind advanced technologies, there is still a lot to explore in the mobile platform. The above ways are just the basics of how a mobile application can help in the growth of a food delivery business. When these ways are implemented with the right strategies, there is a guaranteed success in the business. Moreover, the usage of mobile applications is not restricted to the food delivery business. There are several other industries like Construction, Education, and eCommerce, where mobile apps play a vital part in running the business smoothly.
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