How to Build Your First Flutter App: A Complete Guide

Developing a scalable Flutter App that best suits your business is always a tricky task. This article provides a guide on how to develop your first flutter App.

how to build your first flutter app

Developing a mobile App is a challenging and complex task. We witness many new tools, components, and frameworks constantly introduced in the market. While developing an Android App, we generally use a native framework based on Java and Kotlin language. Moreover, iOS has its own framework based on Objective-C/Swift language.
A business with limited resources may not afford to develop two separate Apps with different frameworks and programming languages. To overcome this struggle, we can seek the help of cross-platform Apps. Flutter is one of the best frameworks in 2021 to develop cross-platform Apps.How to Build Flutter App
Using cross-platform Apps a business can effectively deploy and run its application on different platforms. Furthermore, the advantages of rapid development, quick turnaround time, ability to target more customers, and cost-effective quality are the main reasons for its popularity. Flutter is one of the best frameworks in 2021 to develop cross-platform Apps.

What is Flutter App Development

Flutter is a Google-backed, open-source framework that develops and deploys Apps on multiple platforms. Additionally, it uses a single codebase to develop Apps for Android, iOS, web, macOS, Linux, and Windows.
Flutter is a strong SDK that is equipped with a huge collection of UI toolkits, tools, powerful widgets. Besides, the UI elements like buttons, sliders, text inputs are all reusable. These will help a developer to easily create mobile apps using flutter and customize based on the user’s preference.

Why Flutter is so popular

According to Google Trends, Flutters stands on top of showing search results from Jan 2020 to Jan 2021. It was measured by comparing React Native, Xamarin, and NativeScript, and Flutter. Although there are a ton of features that makes Flutter special, let me point out the most useful ones.

  • Flutter doesn’t use the ordinary WebView nor the OEM widgets, instead, it enjoys its own high-performance rendering engine to build widgets.
  • It uses Dart as a programming language. It enables a developer to use excellent software packages to extend the capabilities of Apps. Moreover, it allows them to read, change, replace, or remove things easily giving them full control over the system.
  • Apps built with Flutter hold a hot-reload feature which will increase the user experience. Further, a developer need not write platform-specific code to get the aspired visuals and animations.

A Definitive Guide on How to Build Your First Flutter App

This guide will give you all the necessary information about how to build a Flutter App, explained through simple steps.

  • Determine your App functionalities
  • Do your research
  • Hire the right company
  • Go for the developer with relevant skills and knowledge
  • Cost involved in building Apps with Flutter
  • Test your App
  • App maintenance

Determine your App functionalities

The first thing you have to do is to decide what type of App you are trying to develop. Are you looking to build the Flutter App for an existing business or a startup?
Both have distinctive working plans and requirements. If you are developing for an existing business, the App should clearly represent as well as resemble your brand’s image. Additionally, it should act as a proper extension to your business. Instead, if are a startup, your App should have the ability to make a good first impression.
How to Build Flutter App

Do your research

Now, you need to be aware of all the details regarding the whole outsourcing process. If you are new to the tech industry, consult a few technical professionals. You need not learn complex programming languages or any other codings. Try to have some idea about how an App is being developed, what are all the latest practices and techniques.
Set a goal that your App should achieve. For instance, an App relating to finance requires secure payment with decent speed. Likewise, make your expectations about your App and convey that while hiring a company. These words now lead us to the next step.

Hire the right company

Hiring a leading Flutter App Development Company is the most important part to build the perfect App for your business. This will help you to save a lot of time, money. Choosing an incompetent company will affect the quality of App. The main aim of developing an App is to attain an influential digital presence. So, always go for the best company with proven work history.

Go for the developer with relevant skills and knowledge

After hiring the company, they will screen all their available developers. Take your own time and choose the developer who has already worked with similar projects like yours. Also, get to know their experience and skillset if possible.

Cost involved in building apps with Flutter

A simple Flutter mobile App may cost you $5000 to $10000. The price will increase based on the complexity and added features of the App. Besides, the development time is determined by the requirements of the App. If you need complex functions like sole user logins, GPS tracking, dedicated storage for payment, lots of screens, etc, it would take 4-8 months.

Summing Up

Having a Strong App with creative designs and great performance will have a positive impact on your business growth. However, by building a customized Flutter App, you can double your chance of success rate by targeting customers on both iOS and Android platforms.
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